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Sue Thurlow

Therapy, Counselling and Supervision Services in Warwickshire

BACP member (senior accredited) Register No. 014776

I am an compassionate Therapist, Supervisor & Clinical Adviser with over 20 years of experience in academic, independent, voluntary and local authority settings. I currently see people aged over 16 and above.

Many people experience Anxiety and Depression at some point in their lives; I specialise in helping people identify the main factors behind these and what may trigger and maintain negative patterns. Most people have a goal to improve their psychological health and this is the main aim of the therapy that is provided. 

The main issues that motivate people to come to see me are bereavement and loss, relationship and family issues, health concerns or long term conditions, professional and work issues, traumatic incidents & past physical or sexual abuse. 

I do not provide couples counselling or where adoption is the main issue.

I am currently working from The Cottage Therapy Centre in Kenilworth which provides a private, friendly, accessible and secure environment (with nearby parking!).